The levers of your Performance

Performance is a sum of abilities and attitudes that your company must activate.

Performance is about attitudes and skills.

At Cohesium, we call the vital attitude the COMPETITIVE PROACTIVITY. It will place your company in a state of mind and action that will allow it to win by winning customers.

Today, more than ever, companies that win are those that make win their customers by bringing them real added value, shared value through the quality and originality of their offer, and also their service.

Being in a competitive proactivity position is essential, because it allows the company not only to be active but to act constantly in performance to be recognized as better than others and therefore unavoidable.

  • THE ABILITY TO DIFFERENCIATE is about generating our ability to offer differences that will make a difference in your market. A business must not just exist. Its performance depends on its ability to differentiate itself from what its competitors do, in response to what its customers expect. This requires open-mindedness and creativity of action to astonish customers, not bring them satisfaction, which is normality, but delight that will keep them loyal and make them fans, ambassadors.
  • THE ABILITY TO QUESTIONING is therefore also a key lever. The company lives in a changing environment. Customers change their habits and expectations, standards of purchasing and consumption change, and if the company doesn’t change, it is simply doomed to disappear: there are many examples, we all know them from the most discreet to the most well- known. The company must be in a position to adapt continuously what it offers. It has to adapt its business model to stay ahead of the competition so that it does not suffer from hyper-competitiveness in its market.