Build a competitive offer with added values

Be creative to position you distinctively

Build your strategy and your development plans

Join forces with commercial or industrial partners


Our job

Offer you our expertise in consulting and companies accompanying in order for you to:

  • Take decisions in line with the market trends
  • Define a distinctive offer with competitive advantages
  • Define the positioning and the strategy of your company
  • Organize the different services and people to reach a better efficiency
  • Take up new playgrounds that globalization requires
  • Create partnerships and clusters

Our approach

« Nothing pulls out of a hat », we proceed methodically by checking and approving the data, comparing the points of view and proving the scenarios

Our methodology

A high-performance offer integrated at 3 levels

Some good reasons to work with us

  • A pragmatism and an operational common sense
  • A logic of partnership: proximity – listening – exchanges
  • A multisectoral strategic expertise
  • A commitment centered on the search for your performance

Our Operational Implementation

  • Moderation of meetings and project management
  • Linking with players in line with the strategy
  • Coordination of know how to be mobilized to support the development

Our tool : « SEVEN » (COHESIUM exclusivity)

A structured methodology of the strategical exercise in 7 steps

Our pragmatic recommendations

  • Adaptation of the strategy into operational action plans
  • Clear and concrete written deliverables
  • A multisectoral approach to reinforce and/or confront

Our offer

  • Corporate Strategy (vision-values-culture)
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Offer Strategy (products-mix/range- segmentation)
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Differenciation / diversification strategy
  • Industrial Strategy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Commercial Strategy
  • Growth Strategy
  • Alliance Strategy
  • Marketing plans
  • Business plan development